Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our First Run-in with Out of Space

OK, so I got home the other day and my wife is telling me about the weird error that she was experiencing while playing Minecraft on the home server while I was at work.

All day long she would take off in one direction or another and travel for a day or two, make a new base and then when something would come up, she would log out and take care of the 3 year old or make lunch or something.  When she would get back to Minecraft and Login to play, she was no longer where she had stopped, but be back where she started near the spawn.

I had never seen anything like this before and encouraged her to submit a bug to Mojang and ask them what was going on.

A little while later I decided to login to the server and run our map rendering program of choice lately, Overviewer, and discovered that the server was giving a bunch of error messages.

Turns out the Hard drive was completely full and had no space to save any information regarding her activity on the server.

I deleted everything that I could think of that could possibly be taking up all of that space, and never found more than 700 MB of space to free up.

I think it must be log files from the server or Apache, but I cant seem to find them.  If you know anything I should be looking for, please let me know.  I finally broke down and re-imaged the server on a 1TB Hard drive vs the 80 GB it was on.  Now I will have to check it periodically to see if it is filling up.

I just dont understand however, even after re-installing Linux on the new hard drive, installing Apache, the Server it self, and running it for several days, getting the Website back on it and running updates, It is only using up 4.7 GB of space Total, so what the heck used up all of that space?