Saturday, February 27, 2016

Minecraft Forge 1.8.8 Tick Lag or Lag every other second

This was so frustrating........Son could play JurassiCraft, I could play JurassiCraft but my Wife (Whom has an Identical System Build to me) could not play JurassiCraft as every other second she would get a LAG spike. No matter what we did to the settings or processor affinity, I could not get it to become stable, she spent a week researching it and I spent a weekend researching it. Her Vanilla Minecraft would work fine, but not Forge.

Today, I had her go back to Minecraft.net and down load a new .msi version as I noticed that my launcher updated when I launched and hers was not getting the update.

Turns out she had been using the Minecraft.exe from a year ago or more and not the msi version.

Tick is Gone, all settings at max now.....She is happy.

Running MineOS as a Plugin with Forge in FreeNAS 9.3

Its been quite a while since I last had a post, but this is good enough that I want to document it.

Recently had a full profession change after years of doing computer repair work on the side. I now am working full time in computer repair and loving it. At this new job had the opportunity to work with FreeNAS as a side project for the Depot for Data Recovery and OS Reinstalls.

Learned quite a bit and it is most handy for what we use it for. But while I was in the server and setting up the share, noticed that there is a plugin system that allows for installing MineOS as a plugin and running Minecraft Servers inside the FreeNAS.

So since the server was in need of an update, and I had better Hardware I could update to, I took it down and we started over.

AMD Phenom II 965 3.4Gz Quad Core
8GB Ram
160 GB traditional HDD for FreeNAS
240 GB SanDisk SSD for the Plugins/Jails
3 X 1TB Toshiba HDD for NAS Storage
2 X 80 GB WD HDD for "I dont know what yet"

It has taken me 3 weeks to get to this point! And now I have both Vanilla 1.8.9 Server and Forge 1.8.8 up and running.

Here is what it took.

1. Installed FreeNAS to 160GB Traditional HDD

2. Once launched, created first Volume on 240GB SSD called - JailsSSD

3. Downloaded and Launched MineOS Plugin once, which installed it to the JailsSSD in a Jail.

4. Then went to Account on Left, and then to Users and created user name "mcserver" with user ID 199 and used the same "mcserver" as the password (As per this is what MineOS does by Default inside the Jail)

5. On Same SSD, went back to Storage, found "jails/mineos_1" clicked it and then on the bottom clicked on change permissions and gave user mcserver windows read/write/execute privileges.

6. I then went to sharing, selected "Windows (CIFS)" near top, clicked on the Add Windows Share button, and navigated to /mnt/JailsSSD/jails/mineos_1/var/games/minecraft and created a share inside the Jail
7. I activated the service

8. It is not required to give the MineOS Jail storage under this scheme, as the entire SSD drive is the Storage, we just needed a way to access it to drop in plugins in the Forge mod folder, and this works!

      a.) Logged into the FreeNAS, opened up MineOS Web GUI and created Forge Server (This was easy to figure out, had that 2 weeks ago, but could not figure out how to get mods into it till now)
     b.) This may take a couple of trys, as when you launch it the first time I have found you have to wait for it to install the forge server and download the universal forge jar and then telling it to use the universal jar once its set up.
     c.)Once I could see that starting the Forge server was stable I stopped it.

9. Logged into Windows 10, opened File Explorer, in address Bar put \\ (This is the IP for my network to get to the FreeNAS Server)

10. In the File Explorer window my new 'mcserver" share appeared

11. Right Clicked this share and selected Map Network Drive, selected M as the Drive Letter and clicked both mount at login and sign in with other credentials.

12. Put in my user name I created as "mcserver" and Password "mcserver" (Which is how you access MineOS when you pull up its GUI by default) unless you change it.

13. Navigated into my Forge Server Folder

14. Navigated into the mods folder and dropped in my mods

15. closed out of my File explorer

16. Pulled up the MineOS Web GUI, restared the server and logged in to see if the plugins loaded.

17. It did!

In other news my website is down until I figure out how to get a web server running in FreeNAS....