Saturday, February 27, 2016

Minecraft Forge 1.8.8 Tick Lag or Lag every other second

This was so frustrating........Son could play JurassiCraft, I could play JurassiCraft but my Wife (Whom has an Identical System Build to me) could not play JurassiCraft as every other second she would get a LAG spike. No matter what we did to the settings or processor affinity, I could not get it to become stable, she spent a week researching it and I spent a weekend researching it. Her Vanilla Minecraft would work fine, but not Forge.

Today, I had her go back to Minecraft.net and down load a new .msi version as I noticed that my launcher updated when I launched and hers was not getting the update.

Turns out she had been using the Minecraft.exe from a year ago or more and not the msi version.

Tick is Gone, all settings at max now.....She is happy.

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