Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gabe N, Half-Life 3, VR & Linux

Have been seeing a lot of chatter lately online regarding Half-Life 3 and if it will ever be released.......Well, I started my gaming experience on the original Half-Life, before there was Steam.  Here are my thoughts or 2 cents.

1. Half-Life 3 is likely the most anticipated Title the Gaming world has ever been waiting for. The Franchise started it all for so many people, Half-Life 2 set a new standard in the Gaming Universe and even to this day both the titles and spin-offs continue to sell and I have to admit from time to time pull me back in for a weekend of entertainment. Not to mention the tie-in with Aperture in the Portal series and you have the biggest pool of anticipation ever.....boiling.

2. Virtual Reality - It truly is going to be the next definitive gaming / entertainment experience, with the introduction of the Oculus Rift the stage was set as the first Reaction Videos on youtube proved that people react in a totally different way to VR than any of us expected.

3. Linux - Steam OS and the Steam Machines are just a great Idea at the moment, allow those of the penguin persuasion to jump into the gaming universe along with everyone else, sure its list of titles is a bit stunted due to its late entry into the Gaming OS market........

4. Gabe N.......is no dummy, and he got pissed at Micro$oft, that is why we have Steam for Linux now.......

Lets recap....

1. Half-Life 3
2. VR
3. Linux
4. Gabe N
New era in Console Wars - No one ever said Half-Life 3 has to support Windows.