Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kicking the Bukkit Server

And I mean kick starting it, not killing it.

Has been a while since I last made a post. Much has taken place in that time which has affected the server.

The New CraftBukkit Server has been released for the new Minecraft 1.2.5 update. It took some time, but it seems that most of the Plugins we were using have been updated or an alternative that gives near same functionality have been updated, so we have the plugins up and running.

Currently installed would be:
  1. tickleman1's RealPlugin along with his Real Teleporter & RealShop
  2. Codisimus's ChestLock which allows one to take ownership of a Chest and lock it, along with other useful features.
  3. KrazyTheFox's The Experienced Miner which allows for getting experience while you break blocks.
  4. Nijikokun's iConomy for an in game Economy or Money System.
  5. TechGuard's iZone for Zone protection from grief, fire, monsters, and just about anything else.
There are couple of other Plugins that just tie things together such as Vault or PermissionsBukkit.

Now I just need someone to help me understand how all of the permissions tie together, I have a basic understanding, and can get people the ability to build or even use the Teleporters that admin create, but some of them are a bit elusive. For one, as an admin, I have the ability to interact with shops that are made, but as a user I do not.  I have attempted everything in the way of giving users permissions related to the shops, but I still can not get it.

If you have an Idea, let me know, comments are on, so leave a little feedback.

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