Sunday, February 12, 2012

Putting together a Website

Alright, so back from church, its my wife's Birthday, took her and the family out to lunch at BK.  I noticed that they have reduced the size of their Burger Patties, but still got plenty to eat.  A great example of inflation at work, although none of us really ever needed Burgers that big anyway.

Back to the matter at hand of documenting the process that I have gone through to get more out of the Minecraft server than just playing a game with a few people.

So I decided that I wanted to have a website that people that play with us would be able to go to and see what kind of Mods we are using, maybe get some help with getting said mods installed, view a render of the map, and see some screen shots of Players and of our World we are playing in.

I started with finding a website building tool that are known as WYSIWYG or in long hand (What You See Is What You Get) editors.  Years ago I had built a website for My Dads Cabinet shop using MS Frontpage (credit given to Microsoft), but I was on this occasion introducing myself not only to running a server, but running it on a new Operating System that is not mainstream in Linux Mint.  So keeping with the theme of doing it all for the least amount of money, I decided to do a little research and see what is available for Linux that Might do the Job.  What do you know, there are a few and I found one that is the sibling of one that I had tried years ago.

When I was first starting out with website editing, I had found a few that were great for very basic sites, but when working for family and designing something that would feel a little more professional, I felt compelled to buy something and was happy with it.  I still have that program and could use it again, but having an old spare laptop, I decided to install Linux Mint 10 onto it and see what I could do via this new Operating System Platform.

The previous web editor that I had used was called Nvu, and has now become Bluegriffon. It also is a free program like Linux Mint, and I was able to build a very basic Website.  It is well enough and all I need now is to get it made available to the rest of the world.

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