Sunday, February 12, 2012

Simple Linux FTP using Nautilus

Alright, something new that I learned while doing all of this!!  Spent a couple of hours trying to find an FTP program within the Linux Community for uploading to the servers at the host.  There are several that are available and I was not having much luck finding anything that resembled what I have used in the past.

This post likely should have come before getting the Site up, but I forgot about this little tid-bit of info till now.

I was getting pretty frustrated with how it was going, it all seemed to be Command Line (Terminal in Linux) based, and finding the correct commands to utilize were not making themselves very evident.

Then out of the Blue, it occurs to me to check my file manager that is built into Linux Mint.  The little program that it comes with is called Nautilus and is as far as I know just that.

Except that when I pull it up, I decide to click on the File Menu and to my disbelief it has an entry that reads, "Connect to Server...", sure enough, it gives me everything that I need in a single program that I already had.

I choose FTP with Login, utilized the info that was provided by my host and click on make Bookmark and gave it a name and what do you know, take a look!

Notice on the left-hand pane, at the bottom of the list is my FTP entry, all I have to do is navigate into my above "Websites" folder, select the file I want, right-click to bring up the drop down menu, choose "Copy" off of the Menu, then click on the FTP server connection, it jumps right into the server folder and then paste the file right into the server folder of my choice.  Nautilus even gave me the option of remembering the password for the server so I do not even have to remember it.  Heck even on the previous FTP Clients that I had used in the past, it would give you a split window and have you select the file, select the remote folder, select the move button, or drag and drop then ask for a confirmation.

This is so easy, just click, copy, click, paste.  How simple is that?? Does Windows Explorer do this?

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