Sunday, February 12, 2012

Keep it simple Stupid

Update: Site has been moved to in-house server, Link below will now take you to the new server site, as the membership at the host as been cancelled.

OK, so it turns out that even having an Interface for Apache is not something that I should be looking into using. At least not yet.

I have never seen so many different settings in one place in my life.  That was by far very overwhelming, and unproductive.  I spent hours trying to get my site live or published so the family could see it and nothing I was doing was getting it out there.

Well, after expending all of that time, I have decided to use a Free Web host, that will give me plenty of space and of course being free, is not going to have any initial cost.  I finally decided to use www.000webhost.com due to the fact that they told me up front what I was getting and it included FTP, which will allow for easy upload to their servers and not confine me to using some website builder they have built in with a handful of templates that really do not fit what I want.

OK, so I have it up, if you would like to, Click here, to view the site. Its not all that pretty or fancy, but I have site that is now available for the family to use, even point some friends to if they would like to.

Now that I have it up, and I am attempting to flush it out with some features, I discover that there is not enough space on a Free Web hosting to also include the Map.

OK, so maybe that means I am back to figuring out how to make Apache work and just keep the Map on my Server here at home?

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